Drip Bag Filter (30P)

Regular price ¥330

You can enjoy your favorite beans without using any equipment!

<How to use>
1. Buy Drip Bag Filter and your favorite beans in ground.
2. Set the Drip Bag Filter in the cup and add the ground coffee.
3. Pour hot water to complete delicious coffee.

You can enjoy freshly ground beans rather than a drip bag.

In addition, because you buy it in ground, it's definitely cheaper than a drip bag!
Why don't you start your coffee at home easily?

<For gifts>
You want to give coffee as a gift, but you don't know if the other person has the equipment ...
Even in such a case, don't worry if you give coffee and this filter as a set together!

Let's enjoy coffee more easily!

[Contents] 30 sheets

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