How to

How to Store Tasty Coffee

Brew guide


Place a paper filter in the dripper, add medium-ground coffee, and gently shake it to level the surface of the grounds. (For one cup/ 14g of coffee, 210cc of hot water)


Pour water equal to twice the weight of the coffee grounds (90℃)  over the coffee in spirals and let it bloom for a minute.


After the bloom, use the remaining water in 2-3 separate pours.


A good brewing time should be within 2 minutes. Once all the water finishes dripping through, it’s ready to drink!

AreroPress brew guide


Place a paper or stainless steel filter in the cap.


Use hot water to wet the filter and cap. This also gets rid of the paper taste.


Attach the cap securely to the bottom of the chamber and place it over a server or mug.


Add 17-19g of medium-fine-ground coffee and pour 180cc of 90℃ water. For stronger flavor, add more coffee and for a brighter acidity, reduce coffee.


Wait 20 seconds and stir grounds for 10 seconds with the paddle. You can also let it sit for a minute depending on your preference.


Insert plunger and press gently for 20-30 seconds and it’s ready to drink!

For Espresso Taste

Same method as above but use 20-22g of turkish-ground coffee and 80cc of water.


How to Store Coffee

It is important to store your coffee properly in order to drink delicious coffee everyday.

3 Ways of Storing

These ways have both pros and cons so it’s best to find your own style.


Room temperature: Coffee is easily affected by temperature so it’s good to get fresh coffee beans and finish them soon.


Cool storage: Coffee can absorb aromas from other foods in the fridge if it’s not stored in an airtight container. 


Freezing: Although it’s the best way to keep your beans fresh, coffee can develop mold due to the change in temperature. 

Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

When you grind coffee, it increases the amount of surface area that is exposed to air.

That means the speed of coffee deterioration will be faster.

In order to enjoy the aroma of coffee and its character, we recommend that our customers buy a coffee grinder to grind beans right before you make your coffee.