【DRIP BAG】INDONESIA Gold Top Mandheling[C]

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If you like deep roasting, this!

It is popular among those who love the old-fashioned, slightly bitter coffee. It is the deepest roasted coffee that we carry.
It has a very strong and wild taste, and when brewed in a French press, it is so voluminous and juicy that the oil floats well up in the cup.

▼Background Story
Many customers will think of Indonesia as a dense forest. This coffee is a deep roasted coffee with the complexity that you can imagine!
Indonesia, a southern paradise with numerous islands. We only purchase ripe cherries from a designated farm in the Lynton area, which is located in the northern part of Sumatra.

Its name is "Gold Top Mandolin"!
It sounds delicious because you hear the name, in reality it's delicious regardless of the name.
I will not write it because it will be long if I write it in too much detail, but it is 《Carefully selected finest coffee》 that thoroughly sticks to the process from harvesting to drying.

□LOCATION/Gold Top Mandheling
□ROASTING/ Heavy roast

【Raw material name】Coffee beans

【expiration date】1 year from the roasting date
【Preservation method】Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity
【Manufacturer/Processing/Distributor Name and Address】TAKAMURA WINE & COFFEE ROASTERS
2-2-18 edobori nishiku Osaka