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Decaffeinated, yes, but with a taste all its own!
When you drink it, it gives you a surprisingly refreshing impression with a sweet aftertaste that lingers.
It is suitable for pregnant women and for a smoke before bedtime.

▼Background Story
"I want to drink coffee but can't drink..."
For pregnant women and those who care about caffeine, this is the long-awaited caffeine-free coffee!
The decamex manufacturing method by Descamex is a method called "Mountain Water Decaf Manufacturing", which is a system that "safely removes caffeine" without using any scientific solvent.
Descamex has acquired many organic certifications, and it is one of the few organic decaf factories in the world. Descamex clarifies the production history of organically certified raw materials and makes final products.
This decaf is finished with raw materials collected from 79 farms that are certified as "organic".
It has a deep roast so that you can enjoy flavor. You can enjoy it as it is or with milk.

□PROCESS/Mountain Water
□Caffeine content/0.1% or less
□ROASTING/ Dark roast

【Raw material name】Coffee beans

【expiration date】1 year from the roasting date
【Preservation method】Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity
【Manufacturer/Processing/Distributor Name and Address】TAKAMURA WINE & COFFEE ROASTERS
2-2-18 edobori nishiku Osaka