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The shock comes again!

A slightly unique Ethiopian sun-dried fruit with a rich mandarin orange taste and aromatic citrus fruits.
It has a refreshing stone-fruit-like acidity and a rich molasses-like sweetness, with a texture similar to that of blueberry candy syrup.

▼Background Story
"ALAKA" from METAD, which is said to be the best coffee farm in Ethiopia, which made a debut in Japan in 2016.
The coffee lover all over Japan was fascinated by the overwhelming presence that I couldn't forget once I drank it, so "ALAKA" jumped all the way to the stardom of Ethiopian coffee. 
Then one day, I received a package from Ethiopia.

When opened, green crop coffee beans with "ALAKA" written inside. There are other bags. "GOTITI !?", "BUKU !?" The shock of that time is now again!
Thank you for waiting everyone.
New origin "Ethiopia Gochichi" made by METAD. The washed, floral and elegant, sweet like vanilla, and the sun-dried citrus fruit, sweet honey.
Even in the same Ethiopia, the character "GOTITI" is completely different from "ALAKA".

You'll be surprised.
A sundry from Ethiopia that has a rich taste like mandarin orange and makes you feel a fragrant citrus fruit.
With a refreshing acidity like stone fruit and a rich sweetness like molasses, you can enjoy the texture like a syrup of blueberry candy.

□PRODUCER/METAD Agricultural Development plc
□VARIETIES/Ethiopian Heirlooms
□PROCESS/Sun Dried
□ROASTING/ Light roast

【Raw material name】Coffee beans
【expiration date】3 months from the roasting date
【Preservation method】Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity
【Manufacturer/Processing/Distributor Name and Address】TAKAMURA WINE & COFFEE ROASTERS
2-2-18 edobori nishiku Osaka

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