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“Takamura Exclusive!”
A smooth mouthfeel and sweetness like honey and chocolate.
A bright acidity and aroma like blackberry and cranberry.
It’s a Typica that is considered as the original variety of Arabica coffee.

□LOCATION/La Barrigona
□PRODUCER/Hilda Bautista Guerrero
□ROASTING/Light roast
We bid successfully for the beans from La Barrigona farm at Cup of Excellence Mexico. It is a Takamura exclusive!

Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious competition and auction for high quality coffees.

Awarded coffees have a unique flavor, good aroma, and sweetness.

The farm La Barrigona is located in the Municipality of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, in the Sierra Mazateca, at the north of the State of Oaxaca.

There are small coffee producers in that area, and through the practice of sustainable agriculture they have been able to develop productive economic and social projects.

They aim to use natural resources responsibly, coexisting harmoniously with biodiversity without contamination. They are certified organic under the NOP (USDA) and LOP (Organic Products Law or Ley de Productos Orgánicos, law in México).

It is a masterpiece of Mexico specialty coffee that allows you to enjoy their history and culture.

【Raw material name】Coffee beans
【expiration date】3 months from the roasting date
【Preservation method】Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity
【Manufacturer/Processing/Distributor Name and Address】TAKAMURA WINE & COFFEE ROASTERS
2-2-18 edobori nishiku Osaka