Original gift box(200g)(Wrapping included)

Regular price ¥330

■Please note■

※This gift box is for the following sets.
1.[200g coffee beans x 2]
2.[drip bags × 12-14]
3.[200g coffee beans x 1 & drip bags × 6-7]
Please note that we cannot pack anything other than the applicable products.

※We do not accept orders for the wrapping alone.
After ordering together with the product you want to wrap,
Please enter the wrapping instructions in the remarks column.

※It is not possible to put 2 x 100g coffee beans on one side.
Functional beauty of wave dripper

The novel presence of the TAKAMURA logo on the solid black.

Both foil stamping and convex stamping are performed on the logo part.

The TAKAMURA original was completed after being surprised by the vendors, saying, "There is no precedent for processing that has been so strong preference!!"

I would like you to give your loved one coffee with this gift box.