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"We want to make a cup that can be used daily and become attached to us over time."

This cup was born from such a feeling.
As we specialize in wine and coffee, we often have discussions about cup among our staff.
Of course, we also have doubts about pouring iced coffee into a plastic cup and inserting a straw .

"Straws don't go well with our iced coffee"
Coffee team were surprised at the opinion from our sommelier.

"Our coffee is rich in aroma, sweetness, and acidity."
"It's a waste to drink with a straw because it goes directly into your throat."
This is Takamura's daily life (laughs)

It is our feeling that we also care about the brewing cup so that the wine and coffee that the maker carefully made can be tasted in the best condition.

And just as important is "enjoying".
We think that the secret of deliciousness is who, where, and in what situation.
Your favorite cup is the best and more fun than the glassess and cups designed with the best calculations in modern technology.
Even better if it is sturdy!

Takamura's original enamel is packed with the desire to make your relaxing time as enjoyable as possible.
Not only coffee, but also water, tea, juice and beer. Is wine OK?

I want you to attach it to your backpack and enjoy it outdoors and in various situations.
I hope it will be your best companion when you continue to use it daily and it becomes full of scratches.

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