【DRIP BAG】ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe G1[C]

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The refreshing aroma of muscat and lemon is exceptional, which you would not expect from its bright, slightly pale color, which is like ruby.
It has the softness of Darjeeling tea and the sweetness of a fresh peach in the mouth.

▼Background Story
If you are a coffee lover, you will often hear the name “Yirgacheffe”.
But have you ever felt the tastes differ depending on the coffee house?

In fact, the coffee harvested in the village of Yirgacheffe is harvested in small villages and collected at nearby agricultural cooperatives. Because there are many agricultural cooperatives, the difference in flavor will come out depending on the agricultural cooperatives exported.
The Yirgacheffe Coffee Producers Union has a total of 26 district unions, but this time, we chose the Conga agricultural cooperative Yirgacheffe!

There are differences in flavor depending on the year, but this year's lots are very gorgeous and quite floral.
The standard is the highest grade, Grade 1, so it has a very beautiful taste.
Enjoy the essence of Ethiopian coffee, which is sometimes called "mocha"!

□LOCATION/Ethiopia Yirgaheffe
□VARIETIES/Ethiopian Heirlooms
□ROASTING/Light roast

【Raw material name】Coffee beans

【expiration date】1 year from the roasting date
【Preservation method】Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity
【Manufacturer/Processing/Distributor Name and Address】TAKAMURA WINE & COFFEE ROASTERS
2-2-18 edobori nishiku Osaka

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